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5 Things Not to Do to Get an Interview

Dec 05,2016

As we approach a New Year, some people want to make a REAL career move. They will not just interview for another job. They are looking for one that can make an impact on their life. So how do you find THAT job?! Networking is the best way to launch a new career. How? If you don’t tel

Avoid Moment 1 Mistakes When Hiring

Nov 09,2016

Lou Adler’s’ book, The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired, talks about 5 mistakes companies often make when interviewing candidates in person. They refer to these as “Moment 1 Mistakes” because most of them happen in the first moment you meet the candidate. At The Talmadge Group

Why ‘Tell Me About Yourself” Is The Worst Interview Question

Apr 11,2014

We’d bet those are four words every job candidate hears during an interview. And possibly the worst interview question a hiring manager can ask. Here’s why: Time. Time is always something we need more of and when it comes to hiring, time is money. It’s important to hire the right candidat

How To Ace Your Phone Interview

Mar 14,2014

During the last twenty years I’ve observed the highest and lowest demands for qualified candidates. Regardless of the economy, finding and hiring great people has always been tough, but what has changed the most is the speed that hiring decisions are made. The first hiring decision is typically ma