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How Much Does A Bad Hire Really Cost?

Feb 21, 2014

As business owners, we make a lot of mistakes (hey, we're only human). But probably none as costly as picking the wrong person for a job. A bad hire can cost more than just a few bucks. So just how much will it cost your business if you make a bad hire?


Based on recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire is near 30% of that individual’s salary. That means if you’re hiring someone to fill a position that pays $60,000 annually, hiring the wrong person could cost you $20,000! And that’s just the financial loss.


Picking the wrong person for the job can cost you more than just cash. Consider the time and resources you invested in finding and training the right candidate, and productivity lost during training times. Or perhaps you were strapped for time and focused more on hiring than you did on day-to-day operations or missed out on sales opportunities. Let’s face it, time is money, right?

Team morale

Of the hidden costs of a bad hire, team morale is a big one. Studies show that 37% of companies reporting bad hires cited negative effects on employee morale because of it. An employee that wasn’t a good fit might not have the qualifications required to complete daily job tasks, or don’t mesh well with your company’s culture. This can weigh on your team and negatively impact employee morale.

Client relations

In a recent survey, 18% of companies reported bad hires having a negative impact on their client relations. Clients value consistency in communication and relationships. High turnover with employees could raise a red flag and potentially damage a client relationship.

Hiring the wrong person for the job is not cheap. And it’s not worth it! Hiring a recruiter to help build your team will save you the hassle of thumbing through resumes and weeding out bad candidates. Have a question about hiring or what makes a good candidate? We’re here to help!

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