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Winning The War On Talent

Winning The War On Talent

May 15, 2016

Talent: the buzz word that has been ringing in the ears of every employer from coast to coast for the last several years. But what is talent, at least in the realm of the business world? Talent is a word that means a lot of different things in a lot of different industries, as Forbes points out here.

However at Talmadge, our entire focus is connecting Information Technology experts with businesses who need them, and we know talent is essentially what drives business. Whether you’re in commercial or governmental industries, we understand that every hire must count, in the fast-paced world of business, now more than ever.

Over the last decade, the paradigm for how businesses should hire has completely shifted away from the old days of employers simply being handed a resume. In today’s business climate, recruiting needs to be proactive and using social media is by far the most successful tool for that. In fact, despite that over 79% of millennials have found their jobs through social media, only 39% of businesses are actively using social platforms to look for new employees.

These employees entering the workforce (especially highly qualified fresh-out-out-of-college millennials) are essentially calling the shots on the job hunt; they’re looking for companies that need them. The new mindset of ‘you need my skills, show me what that means to you’ is abundant in the IT community, and with good reason considering that more than half of the top jobs in America this year are related to the IT field. The only problem? Many employers, perhaps like yourself, haven’t tapped into this vast pool of talent yet in a way that improves their companies exponentially.

That’s where companies like us come in. In the war for talent, we’re at the front line to find that diamond in the rough that will make your company shine.

That brings us back to the questions: what is talent? To us, talent is defined by the unique individuals who will bring innovation to your business model. It’s the individuals who will bring new ideas to your company and put your name on the map. It’s the individuals who we connect to you to build true progress into every future endeavor by allowing them to change how the field of Information Technology is defined.

In a new world of business where employees are the ones with the power to choose a company that provides what they want, employers need to update their way of recruiting to become proactive in the search for the people who will create the next ‘Big Thing’.

Steps such as making business culture more appealing, being an inspiring leader, and understanding the statistics behind current hiring all can have a major impact on how your company can build a business that appeals to IT talent. That combined with The Talmadge Group’s recruiting expertise will put your company on a path to success.

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