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5 Things Not to Do to Get an Interview

Dec 05, 2016

As we approach a New Year, some people want to make a REAL career move. They will not just interview for another job. They are looking for one that can make an impact on their life.

So how do you find THAT job?!

Networking is the best way to launch a new career. How? If you don’t tell people what your intentions are, how can they help you open doors? The Key is not to mistake activity for progress. Ideally, you want to specifically talk to influencers who know people in places where you’d like to work. There’s no point in networking with people who can’t help you land a position you want so just as you might prospect for sales, you should also “prospect” for influencers to talk to.

But what about landing an interview? Can you really network your way in the door?

Best Selling Author, Lou Adler, says yes you can…. however,

You should first be aware of these 5 things that will definitely NOT help you land your dream job:

DON’T send unsolicited resumes to recruiters or companies where you don’t know anyone. Unsolicited resumes are typically ignored just because of the sheer volume received. You’ll likely end up in the dreaded “archive” file.

DON’T directly apply for jobs. If you know someone at the company, you might head over to LinkedIn and do a little research to see if you can find a common connection. Referrals from someone on the inside almost always trump resumes from strangers so see if you can get a toe in the door based on who you know.

DON’T ignore your LinkedIn profile. When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, a short summary of your LinkedIn profile is sent to the recruiter embedded in an email. This includes the first three lines of your profile and a list of your past jobs and titles. Recruiters spend less than 30 seconds reviewing these so if yours doesn’t speak to them in any way, it goes into the “archived” file.

DON’T copy/paste canned language from your website to fill out your LinkedIn profile. Since HR departments and recruiters get dozens of requests to connect or apply for open jobs daily, being lazy won’t help you stand out. A short, impactful summary stating what you bring to the table for a company can go a long when it comes to being noticed.

Don’t answer stupid questions. Seriously. When you do get a call from a recruiter, don’t be too hungry. It’s a huge turnoff. We’re talking about the standard screening questions... “what did you do at such and such company?” or “what do you want out of this position?” etc., etc., etc. This is a clue the recruiter is a box-checker and if you don’t have a nearly perfect profile you’ll be screened out. Instead, ask the person what some of the big challenges in the position are and what problems need to be addressed.

Following these five basic rules is almost certain to make your job hunt shorter and more successful. And an updated professional Linkedln profile will avoid scaring them off!