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Talmadge Consultants are experienced professionals who possess the necessary skills to accomplish your specific task. Engaging consultants on a proj-
ect basis allows you to quickly obtain professional resources without assuming the long term liability of full-time employees. Expensive and time consum-
ing training costs can be avoided by engaging consultants who have the skills you need now rather than training existing staff for functions that may not

be needed in the future. Pay for what you need – when you need it – without the overhead expense.

Here’s how it works. Your Talmadge account manager will work with you to define the skills, experience and motivation that you want in order for the per-
son to be successful in your organization. Our recruiting team will then match, screen and present qualified candidates for your review and acceptance.

Talmadge assumes all overhead expenses such as payroll, taxes and benefits as appropriate. You are billed at an agreed upon rate with no surprises!

Upon the project’s completion, Talmadge works with the consultant to identify their next assignment.

Contact your Talmadge representative today to learn about customizing a solution for your unique business needs.

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