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Human resource management can be one of the biggest roadblocks to a successful project. Our clients want the best and the brightest working for them, and we want to help them attract star talent. Talmadge Group’s Performance-Based Hiring (PBH) solution has been proven to help make costly hiring decisions less stressful.

Performance-Based Hiring

Our PBH process ensures that it’s not just those actively looking that have our client’s job descriptions in front of them. Easy to use and quick to implement, our system applies best hiring practices used by top managers and recruiters around the world. The process has five phases:

Define Success: Before sending out a job description, set the bar high for your performance expectations. This definition should be used to guide all of your sourcing activities, your ideal hiring roadmap. Having great expectations for your hires helps build great teams.
Evaluate Objectively: With your hiring roadmap at the fore, build a standardized process that assesses all candidates equally. Performance should be the first metric; personality and fit assessments can come later.
Restrain Responses: It can be tempting to let your gut reaction influence your decisions. Hold off on emotion-based responses until enough facts and statistics have been found to guide the selection process.
Remove Boundaries: The best candidates aren’t always the ones actively looking for new positions. By expanding your search to include passive candidates, you avoid overlooking 80% of the most highly qualified prospects.
Market Events: Your hiring events should be more than just meet-and-greets. Transform them into marketing events to attract candidates truly interested and invested in you and your business.

If this seems overwhelming up front, don’t worry. Our team of professionals will work to train hiring managers to use the process at no cost when a Master Staffing Agreement (MSA) is signed with us.

    Technology is constantly shifting and changing at the speed of business. Staying ahead of the competition and innovating is constant battle that companies and government agencies are always fighting. The Talmadge mission is to take away the stress of attracting, hiring, and retaining the very best in our client’s fields so they can focus on their core business activities and projects.


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