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Why A Professional Interview Matters

Jan 09,2017

If you’ve ever been a candidate, you know most interviewers don’t do a very good job of assessing you. Many rely on their first impressions, others trust their intuition, and others may look for technical brilliance. Bottom line, the interview is more than an assessment tool. It’s meant to fee

Start Your 2017 Job Search Off Right

Dec 14,2016

Here are 7 New Year Resolutions To Start Your 2017 Job Search Off Right: 1. Clean up your social networks. A study of HR departments showed that nearly 80% of all recruiters will check to see what an applicant looks like online before an interview. They will likely search your name on Google and

5 Things Not to Do to Get an Interview

Dec 05,2016

As we approach a New Year, some people want to make a REAL career move. They will not just interview for another job. They are looking for one that can make an impact on their life. So how do you find THAT job?! Networking is the best way to launch a new career. How? If you don’t tel

Avoid Moment 1 Mistakes When Hiring

Nov 09,2016

Lou Adler’s’ book, The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired, talks about 5 mistakes companies often make when interviewing candidates in person. They refer to these as “Moment 1 Mistakes” because most of them happen in the first moment you meet the candidate. At The Talmadge Group

5 Truths Behind Common Hiring Myths

Sep 12,2016

Hiring a new prospect is always a big undertaking for businesses of all sizes - no matter if it’s your first hire or one of many, there are a multitude of factors that should be considered before sending out the official job offer. This important decision is even more difficult when you take in

Tips for Successful Onboarding

Jul 28,2016

It’s no secret that a bad hire can be costly, and that cost is more than just financial. The whole process of finding talent has to begin anew, often with deadlines even more critical than they were with the first search. One way to decrease the likelihood of a bad hire situation is to focus

Winning The War On Talent

May 15,2016

Talent: the buzz word that has been ringing in the ears of every employer from coast to coast for the last several years. But what is talent, at least in the realm of the business world? Talent is a word that means a lot of different things in a lot of different industries, as Forbes points out here

Why ‘Tell Me About Yourself” Is The Worst Interview Question

Apr 11,2014

We’d bet those are four words every job candidate hears during an interview. And possibly the worst interview question a hiring manager can ask. Here’s why: Time. Time is always something we need more of and when it comes to hiring, time is money. It’s important to hire the right candidat

How Important Is Pre-Closing?

Mar 04,2014

The following blog is a guest post by Sheila Robinson, a Senior Technical Recruiter at The Talmadge Group, Inc. You got your candidate offer! Now what? Sooooo, the candidate you guided though a grueling interview process has an offer and it's up to little-old-you to present it - YAY! If a li

How Much Does A Bad Hire Really Cost?

Feb 21,2014

As business owners, we make a lot of mistakes (hey, we're only human). But probably none as costly as picking the wrong person for a job. A bad hire can cost more than just a few bucks. So just how much will it cost your business if you make a bad hire? Money Based on recent statistics from the